This piece originally appeared on Susan McPherson’s Forbes blog on December 17, 2012.

From a national day of giving back to an inspiring show of corporate support after Hurricane Sandy, 2012 was a remarkable year for social innovation, philanthropy and corporate responsibility. Below, I share my picks for this year’s social innovation highlights and best-in-show campaigns. I’d love to hear your top picks too, so please share in the comments section!

Most Innovative Partnership for Good: 10×10 & Intel
10×10 is a feature film, Girl Rising, and a social action campaign created and launched by an award-winning team of former ABC News journalists in association with The Documentary Group and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions. The transmedia project, funded mainly by Intel, uses the power of storytelling and the leverage of strategic partnerships to deliver a single message: “Educating girls in developing nations will change the world.” Intel has worked for decades to improve education around the world understanding that if the education gap is closed for girls, not only are their lives transformed but so are the lives of everyone they touch.
Outstanding Corporate Responsibility Report: Nike
Most of us who are active in corporate responsibility know that the audience for CSR reports is quite small. Nevertheless, as CSR goes mainstream, more and more people are taking an interest. In terms of the best of the best, Nike continues to “just do it.” Veteran writer Leon Kaye, who often reviews annual sustainability reports, called Nike’s 2011 report “quite possibly one of the most compelling and engaging I have ever come across.” Kaye gave this report kudos for innovation, education, and how it managed to “bring sustainability alive” using demonstrations and common language. I agree with Kaye and believe the report sets the bar for others to follow. Both Coca-Cola and Cisco’s are strong runners-up.

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