The Fenton 5 is a collection of our favorite things that we encounter over the course of a month. Things like: awesome social good campaigns, slideshows that inspire, videos that restore your faith in humanity, innovations that make the world a better place, and other must-shares. We hope you enjoy!

1. Take a trip down memory lane with Google Zeitgeist, which reveals 2012′s most popular search terms from around the world. Even more fun: guess the top 10 before you look.

2. During a round of Guess Who, a 6-year-old girl noticed that 19 of the game’s characters are men, while only five are women. Enraged, she decided to write this awesome letter to Hasbro demanding they up the girl count.

3. If those bus monitor bullies made you lose your faith in middle school boys, here’s something to restore it: Jared, a 7th grader with cerebral palsy, wins his first-ever wrestling match thanks to his friend Justin.

4. We were thrilled to see Victoria’s Secret take a stand on women’s issues with their online campaign Pink Loves Consent. Then we found out it was a viral spoof created by the organization FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. Which is even more awesome.

5. Sophia Bailey-Klugh, a 10-year-old with two dads, didn’t get a response from Obama when she invited him to dinner. That didn’t stop her from sending another letter to the President to thank him for supporting marriage equality and to get his advice on dealing with school bullies. This time, Obama wrote back.